Rental of catering machines for events

Servimatic also offers machine rental for events. Our rental service includes the installation of our own equipment for any type of celebra-tion.

We have the machines required to meet demand for drinks and chillers in private parties, sporting events, concerts and any type of gathering.

We also offer the rental of machines to bars and catering establishments looking to temporarily increase their service at moments of peak demand, such as local festivals.

We handle both, the transport and installation of the machines

Event organiser calls the catering equipment rental service for beverages at events and parties.

We help you with the equipment

We calculate the machines required for the event. Amount of machines to be installed (bars, beer taps, kegs, etc.).

Installation of beer taps rented for an outdoor event or party.

We install it in the celebration venue

Once agreed, Servimatic technicians will travel to the venue to assemble the rented equipment and start it up.

The Servimatic team collects the rented catering equipment once the event is over.

We handle collection

Our technicians also handle the collection of the machinery once the event is over

Equipment rental for parties, sporting events, concerts and as additional resources in premises

You just have to choose the time and the place and we’ll handle the rest. When the event is over, our team will return to collect the equipment.

Beer and soft-drink dispensers

Beer and soft-drink dispensers

In any outdoor event, such as a concert or sporting event, there is high demand for bever-ages. We rent out the beer dispensers and pre-mix/post-mix machines for soft drinks most suitable for the size of your event. We will put everything in motion so that you only have to worry about serving people.

Bar counter rental

Bar counter rental

Whether you need to install a bar or if you want to expand an existing one, you can count on us. Bar counter rental enables you to reinforce your service at times of peak demand. We offer different-sized options, as well as outdoor terraces and marquees.

Catering sector equipment

Catering sector equipment

If what you’re looking for is to rent out catering equipment that allows you to offer a wide range of beverages, we rent out bottle racks, refrigerated cabinets or drink dispensers.

And other chillers

And other chillers

You can also rent cold stores, fridges, impulse coolers and other professional machines to chill drinks. Contact us and we will advise you on the most suitable equipment.

Servimatic is a company specialised in the refurbishing and PPM of cooling machines, beer tap systems and other dispensers for the hostelry sector. We do not rent out sound equipment or organise the catering service for the event.

Are you a brand of beer or other drinks?
We can assist you

Bar counter rental for peak demand during an event or festivities with the Ámbar logo..

We also work with other companies that use their own equipment for events and parties. Servimatic will handle the installation of the machines during the event, subsequent col-lection and storage. Your brand will be the star of the show and the logos will be visible.

Rental of professional catering machines for the celebration of your event

Rented Beer pump tap, installed outdoors during a large event to serve beer at parties.

The organisation of an event involves hundreds of details that have to be coordinated to ensure the party is a success. The equipment for the dispensing of drinks is just one of them.

At Servimatic, you have the support of a team of professionals with more than 20 years’ experience in the assembly and maintenance of cooling machines. We are also leaders for our Preventive Maintenance Service in Northern Spain.

In 2019 alone, we participated in more than 700 events throughout Northern Spain.

Contact us

We have decades of experience in the business of refurbishing and providing technical assistance for heating and cooling machines. If you want more information about our services, please send us an e-mail and we will contact you.

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