PPM for cooling machines, beer dispensers and coffee machines

At Servimatic, we offer technical assistance on site and in our workshops. Our technicians are in charge of handling breakdowns, mainte-nance, assembly and start-up of installations in the bar, restaurant or catering establish-ment.

The Servimatic team offers a technical service for the hostelry sector in Northern Spain. Please refer to our map.

PPM for cooling machines for catering businesses

Ámbar beer taps in a bar with PPM for cooling machines

At Servimatic, we have specialised in PPM for cooling machines, focusing on the hostelry sector. Thanks to rigorous quality control and our professional team, we work with some of the leading beer companies in Spain.

If you are a small business looking for technical advice or service, check with your supplier to verify that you can request our services. Servimatic does not work directly with independent establishments.

Technical assistance and ongoing maintenance in businesses and premises

Servimatic technician offering technical assistance and repairing a coffee machine in a bar

If you are looking for a company that offers technical assistance for catering machines, Servimatic is formed by technicians specialising in different areas of cooling systems.

If you are a beverage brand or company, or a beer manufacturer, you can contact our team of professionals in order to work with us. We offer advice and PPM in the premises covered by your business.

Barista-technical service for coffee roasters and manufacturers

Técnico de Servimatic ofreciendo el servicio de atención técnica y reparando una máquina de café en un bar

Our technicians are trained in the products of our customers, whether they are roasters or manufacturers of professional coffee machines. They know each installation, perform periodic maintenance and carry out rigorous cup control thanks to the fact that all our technicians have qualifications in barista techniques, training that is approved by the Cultural Forum of Coffee.

We put our knowledge at the disposal of your customers so that all gourmet coffee lovers can savour their coffee in their favourite hotel, restaurant or cafeteria.

Barista training for hospitality staff

Our breakdown repair process

At Servimatic, we offer a rigorous breakdown repair service focused on efficiency and quality. We have divided it into the following steps:

Call us if you have a breakdown

Call us if you have a breakdown

Customers who have detected a failure can call their supplier to contact our PPM and schedule an appointment..

We carry out on-site repairs

We carry out on-site repairs

Our technicians travel to the premises to carry out on-site repairs, if possible within 24 hours, alternatively, the machine is brought to our shop to carry out all the repairs.

we take the machine with us

Or we take the machine with us, to make it operational again

In the case of more serious breakdowns, Servimatic collects the machine. The machine is disassembled, repaired and reassembled to be returned to the premises.

Planned Preventive Maintenance for the hostelry sector in Northern Spain

Our technical team handles breakdowns relating to beer pump taps and catering service machines throughout Northern Spain. We have warehouses in northern Spain, the southern French border, and the border with Portugal. We handle collection, return and start-up on the premises, if the client requests this service.

In the last period we have carried out more than 8,000 preventive maintenance services in catering establishments..



Preventive maintenance in catering establishments

Our customers receive a visit approximately every four months at their premises for our technicians to carry out the necessary checks. The visits are al-ways scheduled through a prior appointment with sufficient notice.

Once there, we carry out a general review of the operation of the machine or beer tap system.

If we have identified a problem during the preventive maintenance service for the catering machine, we carry out the necessary repairs. After handling the equipment, we carry out a general clean and start it up.

Servimatic technician arrives at a bar to repair a chiller through our PPM for the hostelry sector

Annual visits

We have offices in different parts of Spain. Our technicians offer refurbishing services at any distance and will handle collection, return and, if requested, start-up on the premises.

Assembly and modifications

Assembly and modifications



Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Contact us

We have decades of experience in the business of refurbishing and providing technical assistance for heating and cooling machines. If you want more information about our services, please send us an e-mail and we will contact you.

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