Refurbishing of chillers for all types of beverages

Servimatic is a company that refurbishes refrigeration systems. We specialise in the refurbishing of beer tap systems in catering establishments. Our work covers the area from the tap to each tube and small component, up to the keg.

Our company comprises a team of professionals dedicated to each phase in the process so that, after refurbishment, the installation is operational again, with guarantees.

Not only beer taps, also coffee and dispensing machines

Cleaning of coils and coolers of the beer circuit removed from the tap for repair and maintenance.

We don’t just repair

Our team of technicians provides an initial diagnosis of the system status and starts the necessary processes. First off, a full cleaning of the system with special disinfectants and degreasers, that yield an aesthetic and functional end result. If this doesn’t work, we opt for a re-placement.

Servimatic technical team repairing two cooling machines from the beer tap system, to be returned to the catering establishment.

Assembly of the entire system and checking

Technicians test internal parts to verify that individual machine problems have been resolved. We make sure to always use serviceable parts, otherwise we replace them with new ones.

Ready to be returned to catering establishment

Ready to be returned to catering establishment

UOnce we have made sure that the cooling system has been disinfected and does not con-tain any damages, we start it up to ensure that it is working properly. Upon request, we offer an installation service in the bar, restaurant or catering establishment that requires such service.

Leaders in the refurbishing of cooling machines in Spain


We have offices in different parts of Spain. Our technicians offer refurbishing services at any distance and will handle collection, return and, if requested, start-up on the premises.

Our annual capacity:



Small-scale equipment units

Small-scale equipment units



A team of professionals at your disposal

Servimatic is a company specialising in the refurbishing of cooling machines and systems , in addition to working for some of Spain’s leading companies. Our main activity is the refurbishing of beer tap systems, soft-drink and coffee machines. We offer our services to brands and distributors, not to private individuals. If you are a business owner requiring technical assistance or machine refurbishment, check with the supplier of your cooling machines to access our services.

Our refurbishing and redistribution activity is focused on cooling machines in the hostelry sector. When one of these ma-chines is retired, Servimatic carries out servicing in order to reintroduce it into the HORE-CA market.

Our team comprises a large number of professionals specialising in mechanics and heat-ing/cooling systems to offer a fast service that can identify problems efficiently.

Technical team specialising in the repair of catering equipment and cooling machines in one of the Servimatic workshops.

We handle the entire process. Our work flow is the following:

Pick-up from premises

1. Pick-up from premises

A Servimatic technician will come to dismount and remove the cooling machine to take it to our workshops.

Comprehensive cleaning

2. Comprehensive cleaning

We use degreasers that restore the shine to the metal and disinfectants that remove any accumulation of dirt on machines and parts.

We refurbish and check parts

3. We refurbish and check parts

We check which parts are malfunctioning. Sometimes it’s the stirrer, or the chiller, or the tap has a gas leak. After carrying out the necessary checks, we identify the problem and solve it.

Assembly and testing

4. Assembly and testing

When repairs or replacement of faulty parts have been made, we reassemble the cooling system to make sure each part works as it should.


5. Re-installation

Once we have verified that the cooling machine is working and that there are no malfunctions, we certify that the machinery and parts are repaired. Then we store the machine or we start it up on the premises.

Contact us

We have decades of experience in the business of refurbishing and providing technical assistance for heating and cooling machines. If you want more information about our services, please send us an e-mail and we will contact you.

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